The Purpose of Personal Injury Law


Personal injury law came about because when a person is severely injured through no fault of his own, and it can be proven that another party or entity is responsible through carelessness or negligence, then the injured party has the right to be compensated.

An individual can be totally minding their own business driving their car, working at their job, or simply sitting on a park bench and in a moment be totally maimed for life. Such an incident will totally change the life of a person, and probably not for the better. This is something that you have to go to a new jersey personal injury attorney for, or find whatever injury attorney that is in your state.

It is very likely that an individual who suffers from such a serious accident as this would incur very expensive medical treatment, ongoing for an extended period of time, perhaps. In addition, they would not be working, so a paycheck would be lost, and they would also probably be subject to long and arduous rehabilitation and recovery treatment, which could last for years.

Most families are not capable of covering all of these costs, which along with the person’s loss of income could be devastating. This is exactly the reason for personal injury law, to give recompense to the victim and his or her family due to the accident.

If it can be proven that there was an individual or an entity who was at fault in causing the accident, the there can be a lawsuit brought against that individual or entity in order to help the victim from a financial standpoint.

The personal injury attorney will have an initial meeting with the victim or the family if the victim is not available. The key to the success of any injury lawsuit is the thoroughness of the investigation and the collection of the proper facts in the case. The attorney will most likely work on a contingency basis, which means that he or she will have to win the case in order to get paid.

So there is great incentive for the lawyer to do well, and in most instances injury law will be the only branch of the law that the lawyer specializes in. You would not want your injury lawyer working on 3 or 4 divorce cases while working on your case, as injury law can get quite complicated and detailed.

The lawyers for the defendant will quite likely be lawyers for the defendant’s insurance company, as that is where the money is for the compensation to the injured party. The lawyers for the insurance company will be doing their very best so as not to pay out any money, but facts are facts, and there was either a responsible party or entity that was at fault or there was not.

If the personal injury attorney can prove beyond a shadow of doubt that there was negligence or inattentiveness, then in many cases, a settlement will be arranged as opposed to going to trial. This will save the court expenses and time, as the verdict would be a foregone conclusion in that instance.

News-Democrat Keeps Finger On Metro East


For years, the Belleville News-Democrat has been one of the — if not THE — top newspapers reporting on the problems with the court system and the players in Southern Illinois. For those who don’t know, Belleville is the county seat of St.Clair County, just south of Madison County and just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis.

The News-Democrat and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch are the dominant publications in the “Metro East,” the communities in the St. Louis Metropolitan area that are east of the Mississippi, i.e. in Illinois.

(Residents of the “Metro East” live in Illinois but watch St. Louis television, shop in St. Louis for the big stuff and they are Cardinals fans. They love nothing more than to beat the Cubs, or for the Rams to beat the Bears, although the football rivalry is not nearly the rivalry that the Cardinals-Cubs rivalry is, mainly because St. Louis football teams have been transplants who seem to stay awhile and move to greener pastures. That includes the former St. Louis Cardinals football team — once the Chicago Cardinals and now the Arizona Cardinals. It also includes the St. Louis Rams, most recently the Los Angeles Rams, but previously the Cleveland Rams.)

The News-Democrat watches the court system in St. Clair and Madison Counties and because it doesn’t have to fuss with most of the stuff going on across the river, it can study, concentrate, and understand what’s happening in St. Clair and Madison Counties, and all of Illinois (although the News-Democrat would not pretend to be experts on Illinois north of Springfield, perhaps not even north of Bond or Montgomery or Jersey or Christian Counties.)

But because the News-Democrat has focused so intently on what is happening in the courts in Southern Illinois, and because the News-Democrat has observed the medical malpractice problem in Southern Illinois as no other news media, and because the News-Democrat has monitored class action lawsuits and asbestos lawsuits and all the other excesses caused by a reckless legal system, the newspaper and its editors have a level of credibility and respect that no other major media sources in Illinois have earned.

And yesterday, once again, the Belleville News-Democrat has offered its sound opinion that reform is needed in Illinois, with the next step being a finding that the 2005 Medical Malpractice reform legislation be declared constitutional by the Illinois Supreme Court.

This is a much more important piece of legislation than a st louis Car Accident Lawyer‘s fight for getting a piece of money for his client.  Medical malpractice is some of the complex piece of law out there at this point in time.


AND WHILE THE BELLEVILLE NEWS-DEMOCRAT offers sage commentary, the president of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association offers a strange and personal attack on those (including ICJL, U.S. Chamber and others) who supported judicial candidates who lost earlier this month.

Judy Cates (of St. Clair County, by the way, and well-known by the Belleville News-Democrat), describes losing judicial candidates as “ships lost in the perfect storm.”

Cates made it clear that ITLA = Democrats. While some of my ITLA friends don’t agree with that, Cates leaves no doubt in her unusual opening paragraph:

“Happy Days Are Here Again!”


According to JTM Legal (DUI lawyer Chicago), election Day in southern Illinois, throughout our State, and across the country brought “good news” for Democrats. Every judicial candidate substantially backed by Ed Murnane and his special interest groups went down in defeat, like ships lost in the perfect storm. Down in defeat went the Republican Party and Chamber of Commerce, which spent approximately $2.1 million dollars in an effort to buy the 5th District Appellate Court seat held by Stephen McGlynn. With the victory by Democrat Vicki Wright, down in defeat went the candidate chosen by the Republicans to run in the 3rd District Appellate Court race. Moreover, and most notably, in the “judicial hellhole” of “trial lawyers,” every Democratic candidate for Circuit Judge won retention or claimed victory in their respective contested races.

We have no idea why Cates singled us out but her vitriolic commentary tells a lot about her, and about ITLA under her leadership, and about the challenges we have ahead.

Finding the Right St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer

When it comes to dealing with a serious injury, you want a good St Louis personal injury lawyer who understands the legal system and how your specific situation plays out in the Missouri civil courts. Personal injury is an area that covers a wide array of situations and because of that you want an attorney who has a long history of experience with various court cases.


The reason for this is simple: one attorney might be fantastic at taking care of injury cases involving car accidents while others might specialize in asbestos or lead poisoning. In other words, one case can be heavily different from another.

That means when you’re doing research for the right lawyer, you not only want to find someone with experience, but you want a St Louis attorney who has tried cases that are extremely similar to having the exact circumstances you’ll be facing.

What All Does Personal Injury Cover?

When it comes to getting the perfect St Louis personal injury lawyer for your case, you first need to take a look at what area of personal injury that your case falls under. After all, the more information you can provide at a free trial or an initial consultation, the easier it will be to find the right lawyer.

Just a few of the situations covered include:
– Asbestos related illness
– Building code issues (like lead paint)
– Class action lawsuits
– Defective products
– Physical injuries
– Business based lawsuits
– Injury due to negligence

Even some of these examples are very broad terms, and in a large enough city, like St Louis, you may find some attorneys who focus most of their time on even just one or two of these specific areas of personal injury civil litigation.


Ask friends for any personal recommendation, but also make sure to do some research and see who comes up. There is a lot of lawyer client confidentiality but look for practices with experience and many review websites may have clients who volunteer to give rave reviews. Also look for any information on attorneys who are being censured or have other issues going on and avoid them for a better choice.

Finding the best lawyer is never an easy task, but with a little bit of knowledge and effort you can find a St Louis attorney who is ready to take on your case and get you the results you need so you can enjoy a full recovery.

Finding Your Attorney, In Conclusion

When you’re looking for your ideal St Louis personal injury lawyer it’s important to make sure that you meet the perfect match. Some attorneys may work on commission, but there are others who will need fees up front. Each unique situation is different, and you’ll want to make your decision accordingly.

Follow these steps, bring as much information as you can to any free consultations with attorneys you’re looking at, and you’ll be far more likely to end up happy with your final results in finding an attorney.